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This is Our Origin story

….actually there were lots of little girls…and boys….and not just once either, there’s still plenty of the little blighters….sorry , angels. Anyway , there was this little girl called Hannah and Hannah was on the verge of becoming a big girl and it was time for her to leave the ways of little girls behind and get a potty of her very own.

Her Dad, John, a veritable giant of a man, generous, honest, true, does a lot of great work for charity but doesn’t like to talk about it, kind to animals…you get the picture…. What’s that dear Reader ?

OK , yes I’m John. So, where was I ?

Hannah fell off that one. I went back to the potty shop and told the potty shop lady that we’d have to try something better. I bought the most expensive potty that the potty shop lady had and brought it home to Hannah. It was very uncomfortable, especially when Hannah was having a long think….and she fell off

I now gave up on the potty shop lady, (sorry Mildred), and fired up the computer went on to The Google and searched high and low for a potty for Hannah. I bought what can only be described as an eye-wateringly expensive potty online and waited for the potty delivery man to arrive. He arrived on a Tuesday. Hannah and I opened the box and 27 pieces of an eye-wateringly expensive potty fell out, along with a confusing assembly instruction in either First Dynasty Egyptian, or Klingon.

And that, dear Reader, was the day that I designed my very own potty for Hannah. Hannah loved it, her mother loved it and so did my wife…..only joking. Our neighbours loved it and ordered some for their kids. I started making them in blue for boys and called them ‘LuvdBaby’. Even Mildred, the potty shop lady, loved them and she now works for me ! We’ve added other products as Hannah and I have encountered other things that are just not quite right.

We hope you enjoy them and would love to hear your feedback. Love, John, Hannah……..and Mildred….



Baby Double Step Stool - The Winking Panda by LuvdBaby | Stepping Stool for Children | Perfect for Boys and Girls Bathroom or Toddler Toilet Training | Anti-Slip Childs Foot Stool


Eggloo Baby Potty - Toilet Training for Boys and Girls – Ultra Stable Design


Luvdbaby Toddler Carrier Backpack - Comfortable Baby Carrier Backpack - Toddler Hiking Backpack Carrier - Child Carrier Backpack System with Nappy Change Pad, Insulated Pocket, Rain and Sun Hood


Potty Chair, Baby Potty, Children’s Potty by LuvdBaby | Removable, Easy Clean, Inner Potty with Lid | High Back Rest, Comfortable Ergonomic Design | Non-Slip Feet | 2 Funky Designs for Potty Training your boy or girl – for happy toddler potty training!


Potty Training Toilet Seat - Portable Travel Folding Kids Toilet – Car Caravan Home Friendly - Comfy Soft PU with Safe Anti-Slip Base - Bonus Carry Bag For Boys and Girls


Toilet Training Seat - Kids Toilet Trainer Ring for Boys or Girls | Secure Non-Slip Surface - FREE Suction Cup Storage Hook